Think of Miranda Davidson Studios as a “match making service” but rather then finding your dream romantic partner we help you find your dream acting and performing jobs.

How we do this is through our exclusive membership program which links you with anyone that is looking for YOUR talent; producers, directors, talent agents, casting directors etc... We also help you build your “tool box” with advice, tips and tricks to help you get more work!

For people seeking talent we give you direct contact to extraordinary as well as simply ordinary talent for your epic and not so epic projects. No matter the size of the role or size of the project you will find the person you need at

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I grew up in a modest American family in the Mid West. I was like many others around the world, a regular person with big dreams and no clue how to achieve them. Hollywood was not exactly pounding on my door, so I decided if Hollywood wouldn’t come to me I would go to it.

Like millions of others I packed my bags and headed for fame and fortune. Slowly and clumsily I found myself trying to navigate the entertainment industry with little guidance.

Now, after over 20 years of learning by trial and error, with both heartaches and adrenaline filled success’ I have worked on some of the biggest movies made to date. I wanted to make a platform to help others, like you, find your way to success in the entrainment industry with a few less bruise. Let me welcome you personally to Miranda Davidson Studios.

Miranda Davidson

Founder & CEO

What makes us different

Miranda Davidson Studios is education meets opportunity. We not only connect people with acting jobs around the world we help you build the tools to compete on a global market. We give large and small projects a chance to connect with great talent that may other wise have gone over looked due to geography.

Through our digital platform we are able to educate and facilitate job opportunities to people no matter their age, ethnicity, genderdisabilities, persuasion or geographic location at a fraction of the cost it would take to travel and educate oneself otherwise. We help as many people as possible to have the resources to achieve their dreams.

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Emirati and Arab Lead Roles | Short Film Collaboration
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Non-Arab Male – Hollywood Film
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Extras for Feature Film
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Indian Girls – Feature Role
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Arabic Young Modern Female – Feature Film
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Arabic Male featured role – Feature Film
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Male South Asian – Feature Film
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Female South Asian – Feature Film
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Filipina for a Speaking role – Feature Film
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Filipino for a Speaking Role – Feature Film