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The platform is used for film and stage actors as well as live performers, singers, models and extras/background. Everyone will fill out a form that will allow you to categorize your talent needs, so you will be able to be found based on your specific talent. You’ll also be able to search for jobs that are relevant for you.

Step one: make sure you read the job in its entirety and check you fit all the criteria (i.e. right age, gender, skill set, ethnicity etc.).

Step two: simply click on the Apply for Job button . Your profile and details will be automatically sent to the person/client looking for talent. This is why it’s important to have a clean clear and professional profile. (check out tips and trick to help you create a professional profile)

Step three: You will get a notification that lets you know your submission has been successfully received.

You will be contacted directly in your MDS inbox by the person or company that is searching for talent with further information on what your next steps will be. (call backs, online or in person casting etc…)

We are a team of people whose sole purpose is to help you get seen by the right people and you are a part of our team!

MDS Premium members are will receive preferential rankings on our talent listings page. We want you to shine and be seen so we need your help! The more complete your profile is with a headshot, show reel/video content, and resume the better chance at getting to our front page. The more active you are in applying for jobs, sharing jobs and keeping your profile updated the more chances you have at getting on our front page.

  • Featured listings on the talent page (as long as you have a complete profile)
  • Get a unique URL to promote yourself
  • Unlimited casting applications
  • MDS Assistance in creating a stronger profile
  • Add up to 50 photos
  • Add up to 10 Videos
  • Exclusive insider tips and tricks from industry professionals

Copy to be added….

• Make sure you follow the instructions of the casting call. Casting Directors, Talent Agents and Productions are not only looking for your acting ability but your ability to be a professional. This is the job you want correct? We want your creativity in performance but also your ability to be a part of a team which starts with following the instructions. (we will have a tips and tricks video coming soon to help you with this)

• Work gets work. We know it sounds like the old game of how do I get the job with out experience but how do I get experience with out the job. Create your own work. There is nothing more impressive then someone who is committed to their work and works hard at it. i.e. take classes, get involved as an extra, theater, online videos etc… This doesn’t mean put anything and everything up just the good stuff you are proud of!

A head shot is a nice and genuine photo of your face usually from the shoulders to the top of your head. DO NOT filter or photoshop your photos. You want it to be the best version of who you really are! Light make up good lighting and a clean background are the basics.

You need it so people can see what you really look like. Both creatively and market strategy of you as a talent will start with what you look like especially when you are first starting out.

Simply login using your username or email and password. Click on Profile and navigate to the head shot page. Click on ‘Remove’ and replace with a new image.

We are a big fan of the “less is more” philosophy. One clear headshot will suffice. We also recommend you change it every year as an adult and every 6 months if you are a child or teen.

If you choose to add more photos try to make sure they are relevant to your work and abilities. If you are an actor put a couple of the best behind the scenes photos from your latest project. Maybe you are a juggler put some photos of you in action. Anything that enhances the message you want people who are looking for talent to get.

Think of a showreel as your video resume. This should be a compilation of your best work. We recommend having a few of your best clips to show on a reel then having multiple mediocre things.

Although what you look like is often a step in the door your skill set is what will get you through the door and booking the job. This is the best way for clients to see what you have to offer in the way of talent. It’s one more marketing tool in your “tool box” that will help show off how awesome you are!

You can hire a professional editor and bring them all your footage of your work and let them put it together or if you don’t have a budget you can use software such as, iMovie, Adobe Premier or final cut pro for example. iMovie comes standard on MAC computers and is very user friendly. If you or a friend have MAC clip together a few of your best pieces and try and keep it to 1-3 min max. Remember our “less is more” rule and put only your best stuff on the showreel.

While looking for acting jobs we suggest doing anything you can to create work for yourself. Join a theater group, attend local classes or get together with friends to produce a short movie. We always say “work gets work” so get on any set, job, event etc… that you can while you are busy auditioning. At the same time keep submitting for auditions through MDS and building your resume. (see our resume template form on your profile)

This is the age you “play”. If someone asks what age does, he/or she play it means how old or young do you look. You may be 35 but you can pass for ages between 30 and 40 years old. If you are not sure what age you can play, ask an industry professional and/or a few friends to get their opinion.

MDS is an information portal connecting you with clients and those seeking to represent talent. We do not negotiate payment terms, conditions or contracts on jobs we are not contractually bound by. Your payment terms and conditions should be negotiated up front by yourself or a reputable agent.

We suggest always getting payment terms in writing up front before accepting a job. If it is a student film or independent film, there may be no compensation. Make sure you are clear on what you are willing to accept up front.

This all depends on the job. Both film and events can often be long hours don’t be surprised if a full day’s work goes over 8 hours. Most jobs will require you to be available for an entire day unless stated otherwise. Be sure to ask in writing up front what the expected work hours will be.

Keep it clean and simple. A great killer profile has a strong headshot and show reel to start. Then has either no other photos and videos if you don’t have any or has 3-5 of the best work you have. Keep all videos short and sweet and all photos relate to your talent!

When it comes to videos we suggest nothing over 1.5 minutes unless it’s really exceptional. You can link to your website, TV shows, YouTube etc. in your MDS profile page but keep only the best stuff immediately visible. You want to excite people about you not put them to sleep!

The best way is to be professional. Show up on time, have your audition material ready and prepared. Create a professional but positive relationship with the casting director by asking relevant questions and listening to their feedback. This doesn’t mean to bombard them constantly with questions, calls and emails. This means be proactive in taking their advice and being engaged in the process; know the history, backstory, inside information on anything and everything to do with the project and character you will be playing)

If you are in a live audition arrive early to the castings and get a feel for the environment and create a mental image in your head of what the room/stage/set will look like. When it’s your turn to go in take a few deep abdominal breaths and give it your best. If the casting director gives you notes don’t worry they are helping you. If you want some time to work on it per their notes usually as long as they are still in session they will be happy to give you time to step out and work on your material before coming back in the room.

We really encourage putting your most epic stuff first and then make sure the content in the middle is diverse and strong then end it with something short sweet and memorable. Remember it’s never about what you say but about how the viewer feels when they watch you perform. Keep things moving don’t let a scene or a moment linger to long or the viewer will disengage. You rather leave them hungry wanting more then full and having enough of your reel.

You want to do yourself justice. You want people to know who you really are on your best of days. This is not the time to get overly creative with mood lighting and props. They want to see a good clear photo of who you are. If they can’t see you or you have been overly filtered they will most likely pass you by with out looking any further.

One of the most important and simple things you can do is know your framing. Ask how far you can move. Sometimes just shifting your weight will put you out of the camera frame. Also creating a visual idea in your head where everything is. If you have to talk to your “mom” but there is no one playing your mom decide where she is in the room. If you make refence go something i.e. another room, a friend, a drink etc… imagine in your mind where would those things be.

Do not bring in a bunch of props. If you need something simple like glasses, a lighter or tissue that is ok but don’t bring in a bedroom set, a suitcase and your pet snake. (Leave all living things at home unless asked…we are serious…it happens).

Once you get your audition sides (small script you will use if there is dialogue) or instructions practice it at home. But practice it in several different ways that make sense to you. You don’t want to be stuck in a rut when you are in the casting room and not able to take notes. Make sure you read, research and prep as much as you can. Then when you are about to film for online submissions or go into the casting room close your eyes take some deep abdominal breaths and envision the scene or stage and how you envision it being and rehearse it in your head perfectly. Once you get in the room or start your video recording have fun with it. Remember you chose this because it was something you enjoy don’t ever lose sight of that.

The person who is looking for your talent will give you instructions. Make sure you follow the format. For acting they usually want a very tight shot with your shoulders and face in view. They will also ask for you to provide certain basic information. Each casting will have slightly their own style and needs.

Make sure you shoot in an area that is quiet and has plain background and ample lighting. If you don’t have proper lighting do it in a room (could be your bedroom, living room office etc…) that has good natural light that isn’t to bright and lights you evenly (you don’t want a big shadow across your face).

Wear clothing that suits the role and try and stay way from anything that is to distracting unless the role calls for it. Keep make up and hair clean and simple.

To cancel your premium membership please email us at info@mirandadavidsonstudios.com and we’ll get back to you within 24hours.

Login using your username/email and password. Click on ‘Profile’ and click on the ‘DELETE’ profile button.

Miranda Davidson Studios does the best we can to vet jobs and clients. We have a strict code of conduct that should be followed by clients and cast. Please see our code of conduct in our member registration portal. Please report any abuse ASAP to Info@MirandaDavidsonStudios.com and place in the subject “Report Abuse” along with supporting information and evidence of the type of abuse.

If you have not found the answers to your questions email us at Info@MirandaDavidsonStudios.com and someone will get back to you as soon as possible and help you with your enquries.

We are a platform for a variety of on-stage talent including actors, dancers, singers, special skills acts and background talent.

We have a sophisticated filter system that helps you make sure you find what you are looking for. If there is something you can’t find please email us at Info@MirandaDavidsonStudios.com and we will help you maximize the system.

  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Casting Directors
  • Talent managers
  • Talent agents
  • Film Students

For those seeking talent it’s absolutely free to use the platform. We only require you adhere to our code of conduct and send us some information to validate who you are and what capacity you are seeking talent.

If you are an industry professional, we require one or more of the following:

  • Website
  • Physical address and phone number
  • Business license
  • IMDB page

If you are a Student, you will need one or more of the following:

  • Website of the educational institution you are attending
  • Personal Email and phone number
  • Student registration
  • Letter from your teacher on company letterhead
  • IMDB
  • Summary of the project (what is the purpose, synopsis of event or movie or any supporting information)

MDS is a great platform to scout new faces and international talent especially in smaller markets. If you are looking for talent in areas or markets that are outside your main stream this is a great way to vet international talent to have on your books.

Yes absolutely! Your talent should be uploaded onto the platform with you as their representation and point of contact. The relationship is between you and your talent and you and the client. Be sure both talent and client is clear as to who the correct contact is when job seeking.

If talent is being unprofessional or keeps submitting on jobs they are not relevant for we suggest notify them they are not relevant or their behavior is excessive. However, if talent becomes a nuance you can “block” them. This means you will no longer receive messages from their profile.

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Stunt Performer
Stunt performers
Card shuffler
“card manipulator,” (Card Sharp or Card Mechanic)
Car Mechanics (background extras)
Abu Dhabi Feature Film Casting – Extra’s
Extras/ Background كومبارس
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shaibani elders كبار رجال القبيلة
emperor guard حراس الامبراطور ksa fetcher film
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a young servant girl ksa fetcher film
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a horseman خيال ksa fetcher film
a horseman خيال ksa fetcher film
emperor guard حراس الامبراطور ksa fetcher film
emperor guard حراس الامبراطور ksa fetcher film
emperor guard حراس الامبراطور ksa fetcher film
emperor guard حراس الامبراطور ksa fetcher film
Extras/ Background كومبارس
SHEPHERD’S WIFE الزوجة (زوجة الراعي)
SHEPHERD’S WIFE الزوجة (زوجة الراعي)
Extras/ Background كومبارس
Lakmid Vizier الوزير اللخمي
Lakmid Vizier الوزير اللخمي
Lakmid Vizier
Extras/ Background كومبارس
Officer of the Guards ضابط الحرس
Officer of the Guards ضابط الحرس
Extras/ Background كومبارس
Executioner Jester الجلاد
Executioner Jester الجلاد