How to create a Showreel that you’ll want to Show

A Showreel is something that is so important and yet so many seem to get wrong. We want you to get this part of your “talent toolbox” right!

What is a showreel? 

This is your video resume or portfolio of work. It should be a few short clips of your best work.

I am just getting started what do I do?

Maybe you have never been on a set or you have but never got the footage. Maybe you went to a great drama school and know how to act but you have no recorded footage. That’s ok you have to start somewhere.

You can film two 1-minute contrasting monologues. Do one comedic and one drama or two very different characters that suit you. Make sure they are both under a minute long. This is a good place to start.

How long should my showreel be?

The standard is to keep it under 3 minutes. This does not mean it has to be 3 min. If you only have 30-60 seconds of work that is decent that will be enough. If it’s not your best work don’t put it in there.

What should be in my showreel?

Do not save the best for last! Put your best stuff in the first part, the stuff that will grab them and make them want to see more. Then you can close it with something memorable. In the middle make sure it’s diverse. They don’t want to see the same type of character throughout the whole thing. Keep them on their toes wanting more.

I have a lot of footage what should I do? 

Unfortunately, a lot of good footage in our line of work ends up getting cut. That’s just the way it goes. If you are fortunate enough to have way more excellent work, then you can fit in 3 min you will have to pick and choose. You could do a rough cut longer edit then show it to some professionals and see what they think can go.

Who should shoot and edit my showreel?

Ideally you would like to have a professional shoot and edit your showreel. Someone that knows what they are doing. We understand that may not always be possible because of budget or you may not have anyone in your network that can help.

This day in age if you can get access to a camera, a friend and a computer (MAC comes with some basic editing tools) you can produce something useable with low cost.

How often should I update my showreel?

As often as you keep working. If you get new material updated it. If you have drastically changed update it. Get rid of the old or not so good stuff and replace it with the new and better work.

Can MDS Help?  

We are always here to help if you need showreel let us know by emailing us Info@MirandaDavidsonStudios.com

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