How to Write an Attention Grabbing Biography

What is a talent biography? It’s a story about your professional career written in 3rd person, as if someone else wrote it (using your own name or pro-nouns like she and him).

For example, if your name is Fatima Davidson your biography might start like this…

“Fatima Davidson started out dancing at the age of 3 in her hometown of Dubai. Later on in her teen years her parents would move her and their whole family to New York City, where she found a love for theater. This led her to study the craft and land a starring role in her high school musical rendition of “Hairspray”.

In XXXX (the year) she landed her first guest starring role on the TV Series “Game of Thrones” playing the role of (name of role)….”

As you can see Fatima, although writing about herself still writes as if someone else has written it. She also noted a few personal things but all in the context of her talent and career.


Write it in the third person

Use pronouns; she, her, he, him or your name (Omar)

Make it short and sweet

Only tell us the good stuff! We don’t need every detail of your life. If you don’t have a lot of experience it’s ok write what you do have. If you have been working for years and have a lot of experience, then give us the best highlights.

What else are you extraordinary at NOT mediocre

We don’t need every skill you have under the sun. If you love roller blading it doesn’t need to go in your bio. Leave “roller blading” for the “skills” area on your resume.

However, if you were a world champion Ju Jitsu fighter and you have used that to leverage into your action film career or you are a Master Chef then put that in towards the end.


Again, we only want the stuff you know how to do and do well. If you happen to know how to say “bonjour” and “Que Pasa” this doesn’t mean you speak French or Spanish. Because you went horse riding once in the 5th grade this does not mean you know how to ride horses.

It’s not the time to be cripplingly humble you should put in your best work and skills but don’t make things up!

Don’t write a list

This is a story and is to be written in full sentences. It’s NOT a statistics sheet. You can list your work history and skills in your resume.

“Put your best foot forward”

The expression means of course put your best efforts in right away. When it comes to biographies you can contextualize it with a sentence about you but then right after that give us the good stuff.

Put the coolest, most worthy and exciting parts of your career and skills first.

If you need any help writing your biography contact us at info@MirandaDavidsonStudios.com



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