A Bit About Me

AB is an actor, singer, and songwriter. He has recently been privileged to film a few ‘Feature Films’- ‘The Eternals’ (2020), ‘Venom 2’ 2020, ‘The Batman’ (2021) Although Riyad understands the importance of reaction within a film, and whilst on set Riyad has come to understand how to be an actor and the importance of working hard.  He is hoping that joining this agency will help him land some major roles and make the most out of his assets. Riyad is also coming to work on various projects in the UAE, he will be visiting Dubai, potentially Qatar and possibly Abu Dhabi too…

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  • Marvel’s The Eternals
  • Dye Shop Worker
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • 2021
  • Marvel's Venom 2
  • Carnival Man
  • Columbia Pictures, Marvel Entertainment
  • 2021
  • The Batman
  • Guest
  • DC Films
  • 2022