A Bit About Me

I have a diverse background in part-time work, including roles in event services and promotions. I have had the privilege of working as a service provider in the fast-paced world of F1, where I gained valuable experience in delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring seamless event operations. In addition to my involvement in F1, I have actively participated in small shoots and promotional activities, showcasing my strong communication skills and adaptability. These experiences have honed my ability to excel in dynamic and creative environments, consistently delivering on promotional objectives. Furthermore, I have also worked as a part-time salesperson, further refining my interpersonal skills and sales acumen. My ability to connect with customers and effectively promote products or services has contributed to my success in this role. Overall, my diverse part-time work experiences have equipped me with a blend of skills including customer service excellence, communication proficiency, adaptability, and sales expertise. I am eager to leverage these skills in new part-time opportunities to contribute positively and continue my professional growth.”

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