A Bit About Me

I am primarily an oil painter, exhibiting and displaying my original paintings in galleries and art fairs around London, as well on my website at adeelaomar.com.
I have an extensive background in the arts, hospitality, travel and luxury lifestyle management.
My interest is also in the performing arts, having worked as a supporting artist in various productions with universal extra studios in London.
I am currently based in London, but will soon be relocating to Dubai, and so I am interested in acting roles or painting opportunities in Dubai.

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  • The Power
  • VG Rep
  • Sister Pictures (POWER) ltd
  • 2020
  • Honour
  • Kurdish Girl
  • Hera Pictures - Honour ltd
  • 2019
  • Mechanical
  • Up top people
  • Silo 13 Productions ltd
  • 2022