A Bit About Me

adham shokr 23 years 01023786373-01014044173 176 sm 70 kg Student at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts ..
The series … The hearts were strengthened, directed by Majdi Abu Amira, an advertisement directed by Mina Al-Dafshi, an advertisement directed by Hisham Afifi. Al-Bahr Ghayeb video clip, directed by Fatima Al-Rayyis.
Professional theater performances with “Ahmed Saif – Muhammad Abu Al Saud – Ashraf Sanad – Reem Hijab – Sameh Bassiouni.
Acting workshops: Giles Forman – Carlos Diaz – Catherine Coray – Karen Malpede – Roberta Walsh – Haitham Asim – D. Jabbar Khamat – Ahmed Saif – Muhammad Allam.
Dance workshops: Muhammad Shafiq, Ziya Shafiq, Shadi Abdulrahman, Nagm Salah Uthman, Hussam Abdulhamid, Izzat Izzat.

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  • The hearts were strengthened
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