A Bit About Me

‘Golden aura’, and born in Champagne, where my family runs a traditional ‘Maison’, It is just in my blood, to be ‘Sparkling’ +++

I am a natural leader, in love with people, for 20 years, I was a business man, managing hundreds of people and teams, from many different culture, all across the world,

Recently, unknown people are attracted to me or talked to me and sometimes tell me: “you are sexy”, “kind”, “have lots of charm”, or “a true smile”,

but does it really matter ? the smile for sure… (-:

What is important is what emanates from inside of each of us, and ‘sweats’ outside:
for me, I wish and believe that it is a high and beautiful energy, and a magnetic ‘golden aura’ +++

I am a citizen of the world have lived in 8 different countries ( France, Italy, UK, Japan, India, Vietnam, Singapore & Dubai ), and worked with more than 60,

Dad and a family person, my 3 beautiful daugthers do mean a lot to me.

Pretty good at any sport and I especially love water, and any sport related to it from sailing, surfing, windsurfing, flite boarding.. snowboarding …

I am spiritual, also into yoga, meditation but also love dancing with friends, and organising & sharing activities.

Many times, I have been on stage for making presentations in front of hundreds of people, but I would love to do more, like some modelling and commercials and acting,
I love challenging myself and experiencing new things.

Long time ago, before my business life I was in a commercial on the Italian TV, but then I chose a different career.

If one wants, he will.

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  • TV commercial
  • Actor
  • Havas
  • 2005
  • Internal large corporation annual meeting
  • MC and main presenter
  • Reckitt
  • 2018