A Bit About Me

The instagram link is not working on the previous page, so for reference, my instagram is amaanrizv. I am a senior year college student at Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai, majoring in Finance, and have always been passionate about acting. I used to watch movies as a kid, impersonating my favorite roles, and I could not think of anything else I wanted to become. I am an amateur actor looking for an opportunity in any field of acting, whether it be movies, shows, gigs, etc. My experiences include taking part in Julius Caesar and in my school play as Julius Caesar. I have also taken part in a short movie made for the Children’s International Film Festival in Dubai, called “My Little World,” in which I played the father of a mentally challenged daughter. I am also part of the improv club at RIT Dubai, and have done two shows over the years. I also enrolled in an acting class and a workshop at my college where I had to do multiple projects which involved acting, script writing, and directing, in which my professor

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  • 2014
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