A Bit About Me

Following lines showing my work experiences in several fields . However, I believe I am actress more than anything else.

Ann highly experienced business coach and facilitator and writer. She holds BSC degree in Computer Engineering from Eastern Meditation University 1996, Northern Cyprus. Worked for formally Abu Dhabi Film Festival (www.adff.ae) which is now: (http://www.sanadfilmfund.com )All years from 2008 to 2014, working in the Press office as publicist. Volunteered in several NOG as Takatof, Sanid, Red Crescent and volunteer in the first two years of: MEIFF and ADFF.
Excellent business communicational and customer service and she is not just capable of doing this job but also she is already conducting soft skills training sessions in EIBFS (www.eibfs.ae) on the same for bank and insurance industries employees and students of BSC and Diploma on the same field. Also she is lecturer for IBD, BD and BSC subjects. She had the opportunity of experiencing education in a diverse culture at all levels of education. This helps her develop her inter-personal skills as well as work on her empathetical abilities. She feel pride in changing perspectives of the new generation.
Active participation in charity and humanitarian institutes gave her an edge towards public speaking and communication and developing portfolio of actions for developing countries.
Apart from the management and administrative and project management responsibilities at two organizations (Lucent technology and HISS) being an entrepreneur herself, she prepares individuals towards risk taking, managing change & entrepreneurship.
The emphasis of her training is on self-assessment, thought provoking exercises and a better future direction through various visualization and training techniques.
She takes keen interest in research and development of workshops, keeping in mind various organizational behavior and work habits of participants.
Her conviction with regard to potential in every human being to excel beyond the imagination is very strong and forms the basis of her training . The key to success is the belief in themselves. She evokes a positive self-response within individuals, so that they start believing in their own capabilities. It gives her immense pleasure to witness her audience’s paradigm shift during and after the workshops.
Ann is novelist and poetess. Did graduate from Poetry Academy in Abu Dhabi (http://www.poetryacademy.net) patch five 2014. Also active member in Sea of Culture, Abu Dhabi (http://seaculture-uae.com ). Ann is member at UAE Writer Union, Abu Dhabi branch also cultural and media organizer.
She established her own technique of creative writing at novels and did call it (Writing for The Future), she consider many elements as technology effecting human way of thinking and behaving and expression in the modern life; this is can be found close to the theory of post postmodernism.
Ann published seven novels and two books on Thought and Culture, also many articles on thought and culture published in several Arabic newspapers and web sites. For children she is having monthly article at Al Hilal Al Sagheer which is magazine published by Al Hilal Publisher in Egypt. She is writer for monthely Article in one of Aramco KSA company local magazine (Alquafila). Also she is media representative for several events in Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (http://adbookfair.com ) and Emirates Writers Union-Abu Dhabi.
Ann is also member in Emirates foundation volunteering program (www.Takatof.ae ) and Sanid (http://www.sanid.ae )was one of the first hundred volunteers did Sanid program in the UAE. She is active volunteer in UAE Red Crescent (https://www.rcuae.ae/ ).
Ann is excellent in English and Arabic and good in Turkish language.

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  • Abu Dhabi International Film Festival
  • Media Office Representative,Press office as publicist
  • TwoFour54
  • 2011-2014