A Bit About Me

Arezoo Sharifi is French with a Persian background which gifts her with a profound understanding of Western and Middle Eastern cultures. She moved from France to Dubai in 2001 for a 1 year work experience and ended up living here until now. Inspired by her father’s love for theater, she is passionate about the art of acting and has been performing in French theatre plays for the past 4 years. She played the lead role in a 1h45 min play with a stage presence and lines throughout the entire play. Recently, she featured in a supporting role in a short English movie which has deeply boosted her passion to pursue this line of work. She is a serious, punctual, fast learning professional, always striving to reach the highest standards.

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  • Huit femmes en pieces détachées
  • Featured with different roles and a Monologue
  • Culture emulsion
  • 2017
  • Toc Toc
  • Lead role
  • Culture emulsion
  • 2018
  • Le Vallon Agatha Christie
  • Featured as the Host
  • Culture emulsion
  • 2019
  • Miranda Davidson
  • Featured
  • Miranda Davidson Studios
  • 2019
  • J'aurais voulu etre
  • Featured as one of the 4 main roles
  • Culture Emulsion
  • 2019