A Bit About Me

Beta is a certified life coach and business/IT professional. She has always been passionate about makeup and personal styling and uses this passion to teach other women how to build the individual look that can empower and create business success. Her business GlamNGo provides styling and makeup lessons and services to female corporate executives, business owners, and any woman who doesn’t have much spare time. Beta has extensive experience within the personal styling arena and has worked with several top brands in the United States, including Dior and Sephora. She has also worked with large corporations and public bodies, helping ensure the most perfect styling for corporate videos and commercials, alongside providing styling advice and makeup for some of the most well-known public figures in the United States.

Her book Boss Glam teaches any woman the skills and tricks needed to put a stylish look together that can help ensure success in the workplace. The book is an essential guide for busy women who don’t take time to consider their appearance. Boss Glam offers simple guidelines to help increase levels of self-care and build confidence and self-awareness using skillful makeup and styling techniques. It really is an essential reference tool for any busy woman looking for useful tips that can help create glamour.

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