A Bit About Me

About Casey Shannon Irish actor Casey Shannon’s acting career has spanned 10 years – initially he spent eight years working part time, while still in full time employment. Casey has spent the past two and half years working full time on a variety TV commercials for international brands, short films and feature films. Casey has worked on several Bollywood features recently. In 2019, Casey attended the Cannes Film Festival with two short films “Life Notes” and “Wolf and Short” in which he had the leading roles. Casey also won the award for Best Actor at the Dubai International Film Festival 2017 48 Hour Film for this role in “Steak Night”. Casey has gained great experience working with a number Hollywood directors including Brad Bird (Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol), Scott Derickson (Deliver Us From Evil) and David McLeod (XXXX) and has learnt a lot from their direction, which he will take into future roles. Casey spent six weeks working on Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol as Tom Cruise’s body double so has an appreciation of the work and dedication required to work on major feature films. Casey Shannon has played lead roles in number of short films  2016 “Guys Last Night” Thomas Simon Productions, Thomas Simon  2015 “SONITUS”, Shra Films, Directed by Rajesh Sukumaran  2015 “Life Notes”, (Cannes Film Festival 2016), New York Film Academy, Directed by Salam Azzam  2015 “Wolf and Short” (Cannes Film Festival 2016) Thomas Simon Productions, Thomas Simon  2015 “The Meeting”, Alchemy Films, Daniel Vignal  2014 “Insurance” Boomtown Productions, Directed by Oliver Obeid  2014 “Piano” Ahmed Al Reda Productions, Ahmed Al Reda

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