A Bit About Me

From the age of 5 I have been involved with the art of acting. I trained until the age 17 part-time and until the age of 19 full time. After which I attended the University of Leeds to read about when theatre began, Ancient Greece. Over the years through other professions I have built up financial security which means that since 2018 I have been able to concentrate on developing my craft and have been casted in theatre productions, Immersive Theatre, online Theatre, TVCs and feature films. I love playing an array of female characters and as a Stanislavski practitioner, I enjoy the journey of everyone I have played. Each time it has developed me as an actor, and I am always learning. As a Graduate of Classical Civilizations love playing historical and gritty characters and reading material to make my own interpretation and help change audience perceptions of them or their actions.

2020 – Zara, ‘All That You Are’ by Justin Cipriano (Theatre, Supporting Role)
2020- Stepsister 1 ‘ Ashputtel’ by Liz Hadaway (Online Immersive Theatre, Supporting Role)
2020 – Various TVC’s
2015-2020- Various Radio work on Dubai Eye
2019 – Hotel Receptionist, ‘The Mahantten King’ (Feature Film, Speaking Role)
2019 – Human Experiment, ‘ Project Rising Star’ (Immersive Theatre, Supporting Role)
2019 – Shirley Belcher ‘ Gatbsy: The Immersive Experience’ by Liz Hadaway (Immersive Theatre, Supporting Role)
2016 – Eva Jackson, ‘ Absurd Person Singular’ by Alan Ayckbourn (DDG Theatre, Lead Role)
2019 – Various TVC’s
2014 – Engagement Part Guest – ‘Man Up’ by Ben Palmer (Feature Film, Extra)

What’s Next
Feature Films – I want to have more experience in speaking roles in feature films
Short Film – in 2020 I would like to play 2 lead roles in short films

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  • Ashputtel
  • Stepsister 1
  • Bark at a Crow`
  • 2020
  • All That You Are
  • Zara
  • Short & Sweet
  • 2020
  • The Manhatten King
  • Hotel Receptionist
  • TwoFour 54
  • 2020
  • Project Rising Star
  • Human Experiment
  • Pursued by a Bear
  • 2019
  • Gatsby: The Immersive Experience
  • Shirley Belcher
  • Pursued by a Bear
  • 2019
  • Dubai Eye Curtain Call
  • Regular Guest
  • Dubai Eye
  • 2019-2020
  • Corporate Training
  • Actor
  • Pursued by a Bear
  • 2020
  • Absurd Person Singular
  • Eva Jackson
  • Dubai Drama Group
  • 2016
  • Emirates TVC
  • Extra
  • (TBC)
  • 2018
  • Man up
  • Engagement Party Guest
  • Big Talk Productions
  • 2015