A Bit About Me

Charlie is a confident, happy boy who loves drama and playing characters. He has a great range of expressions and voices and loves to perform. For 6 months, he was the host of ‘Chuckles with Charlie’ every Sunday at 4pm on Pearl102 FM. He has recently completed projects for Warner Brothers World. The Children’s Museum and Volkswagen.

If you are looking for a child full oof confidence, who oozes personality and charm then Charlie is your boy!

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  • Warner Brothers World - Kids Pass
  • Young Dad
  • Deja Vu
  • 2021
  • The Art of Emotion - Louvre
  • Boy
  • In House
  • 2021
  • Chuckles with Charlie Radio Show
  • Presenter
  • Pearl FM
  • 2020
  • Volkswagen - We Are Family
  • Son
  • Black Box
  • 2018