A Bit About Me

I am Coco: A lady you would be happy to see: next to you or on a screen.
I am a team player, extremely passionate and I have endless love for performance arts.
I am multiracial and I speak many languages fluently.
I love the Camera and the lights.
I speak with my eyes and face, and as a dancer and gymnast I have the privilege to speak with my body.
My favorite elements that I exude on stage or camera:
Fire and air : Fluidity Ease And Fire.
Fun fact
I shoot guns and score at least 90/100 including hand guns and sniper rifles. My favorites are the Berettas, Shadow and Kalashnikov Ak 12.

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  • Protagoras confined wajdi mouawad adaptation
  • Abgar- daughters
  • Sorbonne
  • 2020