A Bit About Me

Hello! I’m consuelo and I’m from Chile, I have 18 years old (this year I’m 19) and I’m a girl…

Well first, I’m looking a few types of works for example: acting (In movies and series, appearing in tv shows) or appearing in covers magazines or commercials…
I have different different skills for example I have skills for photos(since I was a year old my family always was taking me photos and recording me so it’s come natural to me pose to the camera)
also have some skills dance ( I did ballet when I was younger) and I dance in my freetime of course always trying to being better with practice, because I know that this is not something easy I also I’m trying to being better in my voice skills (I’m learning how to singing) and of course I know different languages!

sadly, I never has a real job , But I always was wanting castings for acting or doing covers in magazines or appearing in commercial but In my country is impossible found that type of job!

Hope someday I could found a real job to casting for some movie, serie or program , covers magazines, commercials and show my abilities to everyone! I know I’m not perfect but I promise that I’m gonna do And give my best, this is my dream, really…
Also I have all my disposition to try new things not only appear in commercial, in tv,or magazines

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  • Mcorporación cultural de la condes
  • 2016