A Bit About Me

Essam Ferris is a multilingual Actor. He was born on the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria, Egypt then He moved to America at a young age on his own accord. He did many different jobs, gaining much experience to which he attributes now in his acting career. After finishing his intensive studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2013, he landed his first role on the NBC series COMMUNITY, Co-Starring as Captain Cook followed by a Guest Star appearing on NCIS NOLA, SEAL TEAM and MACGYVER and he also landed the role of Jesus in the Resurrection Day Play and In 2018-2020 he played the Main Villain as Supreme Leader on Netflix Trilogy “ROGUE WARFARE”. In 2021 he played opposite Jared Leto in the Apple series WECRASHED. He speaks Arabic fluently and basic Spanish and German.

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