A Bit About Me

Faten was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. She holds a degree in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa. She is also TESOL/TESL/TES certified and has taught English as a Second Language in Ottawa, Istanbul, London and presently in Dubai. She has a passion for acting and is currently working as a Freelance actress in Dubai. She has made appearances in several TV commercials, including Volkswagen, KFC and Rio Mare, has played roles in TV series and modeled on talk shows. Faten is fluent in English, French, Arabic, Turkish and Spanish. She is able to speak in the flowing dialects: Canadian, American, British, Australian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Egyptian, Spanish. She plays badminton, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis. She can swim, canoe, scuba-dive, sky-dive, snorkel and cycle.

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