A Bit About Me

My name is Franky Kudry. I’m 29 years old. I studied acting at the Conservatory of Music in Europe.

I live in the Czech Republic. I’m a film and television actor.
I starred in several film and television projects as a supporting actor. The projects were domestic and foreign production.

After the Covid pandemic, I want to move permanently to Dubai. I want to live and work in Dubai, I can say for life or for a long time.

I myself have written a few ideas for feature films that I would like to make.

My experiences include – theater, film, TV, commercials, TV shows, TV series and music videos.

I shot projects with actors – Jackie Chan, Orlando Bloom, Martina Tini Stoessel and Alicia Witt.

I play violin, guitar, piano, violoncello.

I like Dubai as a place to live and work and I want to move for a long time.

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  • Film production - various
  • Extras, EPI
  • ENIAC, Netflix ...
  • 2018-2020