A Bit About Me



Hussain Ali Mohammad Ali is a seasoned actor, with an enthusiasm for the craft and a strong work ethic. Hussain has been in several large featured films such as Six Underground, and War Machine. Although that is not all that he has done Hussain also has stared in an emirates airline commercial and was a featured model in the Aveeno Lotions and Beuty project campaign of 2019. No only is Hussain an actor he is known for his good looks, having competed in several Mr. Dubai competition and coming out on top of the Mr. Dubai 2015 competition. Hussian is excited for any opportunities to arise in the future and is thankful for all the experiences he’s already had.


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  • Emirates Airline Commercial
  • Father of young child
  • Emirates Airlines
  • 2018
  • Six Underground
  • Special Commander
  • Netflix
  • 2019
  • War Machine
  • Featured Role
  • Netflix
  • 2017
  • Avenno Lotions Campaign
  • Featured Model
  • Avenno Lotions
  • 2019- present
  • Mr. Dubai Beauty Competition
  • Competitor
  • Mr. Dubai
  • 2015