A Bit About Me

Jeffrey Gullbrand has a background of performing on stage when singing with his music band. He also have been working as fashion model, including many catwalks in countries like Sweden, Norway, Italy/Milan and Greece/Athens. Been involved in many commercial movies. He also have experience in acting and the latest involvement was as a supportive role as a Ukrainian arm dealer “Josef” in Jackie Chan’s latest movie, release 2020. Brands that Jeffrey has model for is Johan Lindeberg, Ralph Lauren, Versace and others.

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  • Jacky Chan/Stanley Tong/ Movie Vangauard
  • Supportive role Ukrainian arm dealer as "Josef"
  • Alcatraz Production/Stanley Tong
  • 2019
  • MDS
  • Expat family/Husband featured
  • Twofour54
  • 2019