A Bit About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Kate. I will be honoured if you pay attention to my candidacy.
This spring I’ve taken part in the project for Netflix and Sky in Italy (a supporting part), so I am an experienced actress and can easily work with a multicultural team. Also I had a leading part in the tv show Boxing Model and played in several serials. I used to work as a talent manager so I completely understand and appreciate a lot the work of every person both on the set, and during pre-production period.
I studied Ivana Chubbuck method and was lucky enough to work with her privately;
Also I graduated from Doors to Hollywood Acting Academy.
I take part in photosessions so can also work as a model.

I have driver’s licence and a fan of racing, especially F1. I practise boxing. I speak fluent English (without accent), Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian.
Hope to work with you. Thanks.

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  • Breathe Underwater
  • Supporting pasrt
  • by D.Dovesi for Netflix
  • 2023
  • Boxing Model
  • leading part
  • Russia-1