A Bit About Me

Khaled Alawany is German , although his roots are originally from Egypt. He is 46 years old and working professionally as an orthopedic surgeon. He  is extremely open-minded and speaks 3 language speaker German, English, and Arabic. Khaled is a hard worker and values organization above all else. Khaled entered the public eye through his social media accounts, primarily through his YouTube channel Shaket Dabous, which aims to deliver medical information in a very simple manner so even people who aren’t medical professionals can understand. Khaled is a firm believer that age is no barrier to continue in another career. Khaled has been in the medical field for 20 years and has gotten the chance to meet different people from different races, different minds, and classes. He understands how background can affect characters and behaviors and believes that he can express many different personalities through a script.

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  • 2017