A Bit About Me

Mekaela Venzon (Ela Venzon), 27 years old from Philippines.
Speaks English, Tagalog, Kapampangan, a bit of German and French.
She enjoys catching the waves, diving into unknown waters, wandering the sandpit..

She is one of the most loved improvisers @improvudxb for Improvisational Theatre in Dubai, and is  part of the musical Improvisational Theatre under @muscialimproveme which involves singing on the spot.
She loves acting on the spot where  scenes are made on the spot based on audience suggestions.

she started  acting career in the film industry on May 2019 where she landed her  first major role as an actress for Itch a film written and directed by Fahad Suwaidi and produced by @imagenation
She wrote and performed this poem which was posted online October 2019 and
Nikon Middle East featured the poem “Is it this where it all ends?” on their social media sites.                                                       She enjoys  making short 1 minute vlogs

She is keen to work on commercials and films in UAE or overseas.

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