A Bit About Me

I’m a chemical engineer with a strong passion for the creative world of acting and modeling. My journey is a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic expression.

In the realm of chemical engineering, I thrive on applying scientific principles to solve intricate problems in the field of chemistry and its various applications. My analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and meticulous approach make me a valuable asset in this demanding profession. Whether it’s designing innovative processes, optimizing existing systems, or ensuring the safety and efficiency of chemical operations, I’m known for my dedication and expertise in this field.

However, my creative side is equally essential to me. I have a deep love for acting and modeling, where I can express myself and bring various characters to life. Whether I’m captivating audiences on stage or in front of a camera, I find immense joy in embodying different personas and emotions, creating a strong connection with my audience.

My dual pursuits have allowed me to develop a unique set of skills. I bring discipline, attention to detail, and time management from my engineering background into my acting and modeling career. The creative versatility and adaptability I’ve gained from my artistic pursuits provide me with a distinct edge, enabling me to excel in a wide range of projects and roles.

In both worlds, I’m driven by a strong work ethic and a constant desire for self-improvement. Balancing the demands of a technical profession with the allure of the creative arts is a testament to my determination and commitment to pursuing my passions. As a chemical engineer with a thriving side career in acting and modeling, I embody the harmonious coexistence of science and art in my life. I am fluent in both Arabic and English, and I can also converse in French to some extent.

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