A Bit About Me

He loves acting since he was a kid so once he got the chance he toke advantage of it. He has been acting at the British University in Egypt’s theater for 2 years. he started acting there since 2018 and that gave him great experience in acting. He has been living at Abu Dhabi for 23 years and has graduated from the British University in Egypt for major marketing and it has added a lot to his knowledge about how advertisements are being produced and how the actor can express better. he spend his free time outside at the gym, playing football and taking amazing photos as he is a great photographer too. he is looking forward to be an excellent actor.

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  • Relay for life
  • Information desk and tickets desk
  • Friends of cancer patients
  • 2019
  • hosting celebrities
  • event director assistant
  • BE magazine
  • 2018
  • multicultural event
  • event promoter
  • multicultural company
  • 2018