A Bit About Me

Hello, my name is Raha Moharrak, I have always been a movie lover and I’m fastened by the industry, I have worked on many advertisements over the years and I was an extra in a motion picture, my dream is to brake the stereotype when it comes to arab women and what I wish to give back can never be weighed, touched, or quantified, the dream I strive to leave behind is no more tangible than the wind;
yet it has the power to move mountains. My contribution to society is the easily said but difficultly done task of showing how attainable our dreams are if we are brave enough to reach for them. Its a personal dream to live long enough to see a generation where there are no longer any firsts; because all of the firsts with regards to Arab women have been conquered. And if by sharing my story I can help even one person an inch closer to their dream than my tiny life has left a worthy mark in this amazing universe.

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  • TV Show
  • Presenter
  • MBC
  • 2018/2019
  • Multiple TV commercials
  • Maine
  • Multiple
  • 2014/2021