A Bit About Me

Hello Mr/Miss my name is Ricardo Ojeda and I’m 28 years old. I was born in Venezuela, however I was raised in Italy. I’m a very energetic and dynamic person, ready to take any challenges in an upbeat way and looking always for new opportunities in my life. I can fluently speak 3 languages: Spanish and Italian (mother tongue) English fluent (level C2).
Unfortunately I don’t have any technical experience when it comes to acting, but I do hope its not a minus point for me regarding the process for this casting. I’m a very fast learner, and I’m always passion about learning new things. However some of my personal skills are: ability of adaptation to any role, environment, task. Being very chatty around people. Multitasking. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. One of my big passions is the big screen, for me would be an unforgettable opportunity to get the chance to at least be on the same set/stage with the most important actors of the world. I’m not scared of being a beginner, since I have a lot of determination and desire of learning everything its there for me to know about the acting world.

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