A Bit About Me

Classically trained, Rita took part in several commercials which took place in Dubai. she was honored to work on set opposite Chris Hemsworth for a “Bayut TVC” project (Jun 2019) , Rita also worked with some well-known brands like: “Jotun Paint” (Jan 2017), “TripAdvisor” Impact BBDO (Sep 2018), “Rakez mediazone” (Oct 2018), “Asia World Cup” Flash entertainment (Nov 2018), “Warner Brothers Theme Park” Think Make Create (Dec 2018), “Volksawagen” Big Foot (Jan 2019),”Lipton Tea” (Feb 2019), “KFC” EL films (Mar 2019), Rita won a fashion competition ”Style me” on Dubai TV (Mar 2019), “OSN” Countdown production (Apr 2019), “Fatafeat food channel” (May 2019), “Dubai Tourism” (OCT 2019).
Rita was very happy to fly all the way to Hollywood, LA to participate in an acting workshop with a group called “The Celebrity Experience” and had her acting real and headhsots shot there in Universal City. She was then asked to intern with them for acting programs they provide for kids in UK and Dubai.
Rita is an active person, full of life, enthusiasm and positive spirit. Born in Lebanon, then moved to Montreal in Canada, currently living in Dubai. Rita Speaks Four Languages: English, Arabic, Armenian, and French. next to her elegant feminine character, she practices kickboxing and is interested in extreme sports, she did skydiving in Dubai, “the eagle wings” in Switzerland, and “the edge walk” in Toronto, Canada. Rita is always looking forward for new projects and more chances to landing roles in movies.

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