A Bit About Me

“I am a half world suspended between two super structures; one is self expression and the other is self construction.”

I feel like I was born a method based actor like Goddard or Daniel Day-Lewis or Marlon Brando or Brad Pitt or Jack Nicholson or Robert Redford and I want to hone my skills to make the audience realize how good I am doing what I love. Improv and dialogue delivery comes naturally to me because I am people person and want to set an example for them follow. I am very original and genuine from the heart although I have gotten inspired over the years through certain actors and their skills on set or in a film.
English being my primary base I conclude that I want to be an actor to inspire my people and the world to know that there was this actor who has been there done that and got the t-shirt.
I have worked with loads of drama societies and theatrical workshops, have had the experience to work in one of Miranda Davidson’s prod namely Star Trek 3 shot in Dubai a few years ago.
I have a knack for accents and have a sense of humor that sets me apart for I observe my environment and surroundings in milli-seconds. Sharp, persuasive, confident, rational and resilient. Those are some of my key skills that make me a good fit for the role.

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  • Telesman
  • 1995
  • Cinderella remix
  • Head Courtier/Co-Writer/Co-Director
  • Beaconhouse Dramatics Society
  • 1997
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  • 2018
  • Rock Club
  • Vocalist (For Alter Ego)
  • Rafi Peer Performance Arts and Theater Co.
  • 2008
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  • BNU/FM89
  • 2010
  • Hell Fest Fundraiser
  • Vocalist (For Arcane)
  • By the People
  • 2009
  • Star Trek 3
  • Extra/Cast
  • Miranda Davidson
  • 2018