A Bit About Me

I am an open-minded and cheerful person who loves music, acting, photography and being photographed. Apart from the two things, I am enthusiastic about science, especially I am very interested in chemistry.
I learned to play the recorder when I was three and started playing the flute when I was 8. This year I received a Kemnitz Prize from my school (Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium) for playing the flute.
I also played the violin from the age of five to eleven. I like to learn new things and so do instruments, sports (e.g. riding, dancing, etc.) or interesting knowledge (chemistry, maths, biology, etc.) and languages.
I also play the barrel organ with my parents and go to festivals with them in historical costumes.
I was in a church choir and performed musicals there (as a lead and supporting role) and was in various choirs and orchestras.

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