A Bit About Me

African model/actress/hostess, residence in abu Dhabi currently, from Nigeria ,worked as runway model in 4 seasons of international fashion week dubai, worked as runway model for international fashion encounter, runway model for arab fashion week season 2,runway model for fashion plus, runway model for UAE bridal fashion show ,runway model for beautiful you fashion tour season 1. Runway model for Pretmotif fashion show etc.
Worked as extras in ali goes to London movie
Main role as a mom in a shirt movie blind justice
Extras in the wedding party 2, extras coffee arabia commercial
Business class passenger ethihad airline commercial
Teacher in dubai chambers commercial
IKEA magazine from cover Italy 2018

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  • Arab fashion week
  • Runway model
  • Arab fashion Council
  • 2018
  • Dubai chambers commercial
  • Teacher
  • Yoocasta casting
  • 2020