A Bit About Me

My name is Tiffany Aimee Wangui. I will be turning 9 years old on the 24th April 2022
I have taken part in several events including school plays as the main character e.g Handa the explorer as Handa herself. I am talented in singing, dancing, acting and visual art. I am also good at voice imitation and am very convincing. During my free time I design and make clothes for my dolls. I have also been choreographing dances for myself and other children both younger and older than myself. I am passionate about filming and advertisement.
I am very eloquent and confident in my speech.

Kindly click the below links to watch some of my works, you can also check on (Tiffany and Tim Channel) since we don’t have showreels yet


KRCI African Facet Tiffany Talent- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVJxomSqWqI

I am looking for are an environment where I will be able to use my acting skills and later upgrade to a higher level where I can be able to even pay for my fees using the salary/wages that I get from performing Art.

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  • Handa the Explorer
  • Handa main character
  • Gems Westminister
  • 2019
  • All over the world(Mixed cultures)
  • Host
  • Gems Westminister
  • 2018
  • Online Fun activities
  • Presenter
  • KRCI children service
  • 2021