Why is a Headshot Important: Do’s and Don’ts

The first thing someone looking for talent wants to know is what do you look like. Will your look fit the creative vision. Live performing is a creative and visual medium and you are part of that canvas. This is the first step to getting booked then they will move on to your skill set i.e. resume, show reel, website or any other marketing material that shows off your skills but first things first get a great Headshot!

A headshot should have:

  • Good lighting, we want to see you literally in your best light
  • No make-up or light make up just enough to cover some blemishes, dark circles and enhance your natural good looks
  • Just your head in the shot! From your shoulders to the top of the head. Also, don’t have to much space between your head and the top of the frame. On the bottom don’t go more than slightly below your shoulders but don’t crop out your neck and chin.
  • Clean background. Don’t have to much going on in the background we want to see you not the room
  • Do shower and groom yourself to look your best
  • Wear flattering colors and clothing that makes you feel your best
  • Shoot in color so we can see all your features in their full tonality
  • Do update your headshot if…
    • your headshot is over a year old for adults 6 months for kids and 1 month for babies
    • you have changed your hair or looks in any obvious way
    • you have a beard you should shoot with the look you generally wear. You may want two different looks for your headshot if you often grow one and shave intermittently

A headshot should NOT have:

  • Do NOT wear clothing with patterns or logos we don’t want to be distracted from your face
  • Do NOT wear a lot of make up or colored contacts. We want to see the best of who you really are. Don’t hide behind a mask
  • Do NOT filter and airbrush out your skin and features. Professionals can usually tell and if they didn’t notice they will be upset if you look totally different in person then your photo
  • Do NOT frame your photo to close to your face but also don’t go much past your shoulders. It’s always good to have a full-length body shot on hand if requested.
  • Do NOT go nude! If a role calls for any sort of nudity you must use your professional digression but don’t open that door with your headshot. In general, keep your clothes on.
  • Do NOT over accessorize. Again, this is about who you are in your best natural form. Keep the focus on you.
  • Do NOT wear brands or logos. You are not being paid to advertise and you don’t want to create bias based on a branded shirt nor do you want to be exploited by a brand who either wants to capitalize on you wearing the brand or discriminate against you.
  • Do NOT wear sunglasses or hats we want to see you! They can’t see what you look like if you’re all covered up.

Summery: A headshot is all about you and how you fit in visually to the role. Things like makeup, wardrobe, style etc… will come from direction from the person or company hiring you for the job. They have a creative vision and you are a piece of the puzzle don’t bring your own puzzle pieces as they might not fit together in their picture.

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