Code of Conduct

Miranda Davidson Studios does the best of our ability to ensure that all jobs and talent are of integrity and of ethical standards. We expect all users to adhere to a respectful, legal and ethical behavior in adherence to our code of conduct.

Users of the MirandaDavidsonStudios.com website and services, or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries, and others using the site or name, collectively referred to in this code as “MDS Users” are expected to act lawfully, honestly, ethically, and in the best interests of the company as well as the individual in which they interact with or in association with the Miranda Davidson Studios company and web site. This code provides some guidelines for those who wish to engage in the Miranda Davidson Studios site and interact with its users as well as employees. Persons who are unsure whether their conduct or the conduct of others engaging on the site complies with this code should contact Info@MirandaDavidsonStudios.com with the words “Report Abuse” in the subject line with a brief explanation and any supporting evidence of the code violation.

If any part of this code of conduct contradicts with local laws or regulations, only the sections of this code that are permitted by applicable laws and regulations will apply. Any policies that are specifically applicable to your legal jurisdiction will take precedence to the extent they conflict with this code.

Miranda Davidson Studios does not tolerate abuse, unlawful harassment or mistreatment this includes but not limited to the basis of sex, race, color, marital status, ethnic or national origin, ancestry, citizenship, religion, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition or sexual orientation. If you suspect harassment, discrimination, or retaliation that has occurred, please contact Miranda Davidson Studios immediately.

The data in which you have provided Miranda Davidson Studios we assume has been provided under true and lawful consent and accuracy. The data that has been obtained and entrusted to Miranda Davidson Studios is used only for the purpose set forth on the site. Limited data is shared and visible to other members with your consent and in compliance with the functionality of the services Miranda Davidson

Studios provides. We do not distribute or sell data to 3rd parties. All data is for the sole purpose of giving the Miranda Davidson Studios user a more customized and enjoyable experience.

Talent under the age of 18 should be registered and supervised by a legal guardian or someone appointed by the legal guardian of the minor they wish to engage in using the Miranda Davidson Studios platform; talent manager, agent or family member.

Photographs and videos are subject to approval and should contain no nude content. Some projects may require “partial nudity” (exposed back, legs, lingerie or swim ware) which should be fully disclosed to the talent in detail prior to soliciting talent submission. There is no tolerance for pornographic material and any sort of abuse should be reported immediately. Anyone who is conducting inappropriate material will be ban for life at the sole discretion of the Miranda Davidson Studios administration. Castings, filming and talent solicitation must adhere to the full extent of the law in which the client resides or is registered as a student or business.

All cast should use their best judgment when sharing personal details and attending casting calls. Miranda Davidson Studios is not liable for the actions of the users outside of the online platform although if off site abuse is reported an investigation and legal action will be implemented where it is possible.

If any MDS Users do not comply with the above code of conduct they we will be banned from the site permanently and will be reported and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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