A Bit About Me

My name is Connie, I am Mediterranean mixed blooded lady. I studied history of arts and archeology in Sorbonne Paris and Abu Dhabi. I speak Arabic English French, Moderate German and Spanish. I can do perfect Russian accent, also Egyptian Gcc and Lebanese Arabic dialect. I was a gymnast and dancer since childhood and until today I am someone who cares for her fitness. I have neutral skin, any hair color would fit me.
My profile is very versatile, I work well in a team and my positive energy is very contagious.
I shoot guns and I score at least 90/100 : hand guns, sniper rifles and machine guns, my favorites are: the Beretta and the Kalashnikov AK 12.
I would love to be casted in any Hollywood film preferably Sci fi, Action, Drama,Horror, Period pieces. My perfect role would be a Bond Girl or nonchalant Galactic worrier who continuously chew gum and listens to space radio.

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