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Fady Zaky is a self-made creative writer, director, filmmaker, and acting coach. Having stared in the international film Vanguard, and the TV series Deqat AlFareej Fady has a deep understanding of what it means to be an actor and how to be successful in the business. Although Fady is also an experienced writer having written scripts for Scoop, and Asdaa Al Madina for the Sharjah Institute for theatrical Arts, as well as the comedy TV show “Any Haqan Aatarad. He has also been a singer-songwriter having written songs for the documentary “Smoud Rouhy” as well as the scriptwriter. Along with writing and acting experience, Fady is also a scenographer and revered acting instructor at the Sharjah Art Institute. Not only that but he is also an editor, having down several episodes for the TV show Law Batlna Na7lam Nmout. Fady Zaky is the ultimate package; with his experience of all aspects of film and theater, he can portray any character given to him.



Creative Writing, Theatre Directing, Filmmaking, Acting and Artistic Experience:

 Actor – Writer Twofour54 partner
 Member of Sharjah National Theatre – U.A.E.
 Actor (Supporting Role) – Film “Vanguard” – International
 Acting Instructor – Introduction to the Practical Principles and Techniques of Acting – Sharjah Art Institute – Sharjah Art Foundation – U.A.E.
 Head writer – Comedy TV Show “Any Haqan Aatarad” – Al Kahera WalNas TV – Egypt.
 Scriptwriter/Songwriter – Short Documentary “Smoud Rouhy” – ONA – Egypt with Deutsche Welle – Germany.
 Actor/Writer/Director (Three Scenes) – “Scoop” – Sharjah Institute For Theatrical – U.A.E.
 Actor/Writer/Assistant Director – “Asdaa Al Madina”– Sharjah Institute For Theatrical Arts – U.A.E.
 Improvisational Actor – “Ticket” – Sharjah Theatre Days Festival – U.A.E.
 Actor – TV Series “Deqat AlFareej” – Abu Dhabi TV – U.A.E.
 Scenographer – “Light Show” – Sharjah Institute For Theatrical Arts – UA.E.
 Assistant Director/Actor – short film “My Choice”– U.A.E.
 khorfakkan Theatrical Carnival – Improvisational theatre – U.A.E.
 Children playwright and children songwriter with show-art Dubai – U.A.E.
 Workshops in Directing, Writing, Acting, Lighting, Make-up, Dramaturge, Art Criticism and Psychodrama.
 Workshops in Ceramics, Eastern Music and Oud.
 Editor of two episodes – TV Show “Law Batlna Na7lam Nmout” – Channel One – Egypt.
 Lead Singer, songwriter and founder – A2Z Band – Egypt.
 Actor – Ain Shams University Theatre – Egypt.

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  • Daqet Al Fareej
  • Lead
  • Abu Dhabi TV
  • 2015
  • Scoop
  • Lead - Writer - Director
  • Sharjah Culture
  • 2017
  • Asdaa Al Madina
  • Lead - Writer - Assistant Director
  • Sharjah Culture
  • 2016
  • Ticket
  • Lead
  • Sharjah Culture
  • 2015
  • Escurial
  • Lead - Director
  • Independent
  • 2019
  • Vanguard
  • Supporting Role
  • Shanghai Lix Entertainment
  • 2020