A Bit About Me

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Judy, I’m Syrian-American born and raised in Southern California. I am an entrepreneur by day and actress in my free time living between Dubai and CA.

The art of acting. The idea of embodying another character – and making the audience believe they identify with you – is what drives me to want to pursue acting. While I’ve felt drawn to the industry for quite some time, watching Top Gun – Maverick a few months ago is what confirmed my acting infatuation because of how much training the actors endured to learn their roles. As the viewer, I believed every second of it. Every production element of this masterpiece morphed into a beautiful, foreign world I got immersed in for 2 hours.

I knew after watching it that I wanted to be a part of the Hollywood magic that becomes part of someone else’s world too.

While I currently take acting classes, I want the chance to be put in front of a camera, be given a character to study how to completely impersonate that person to the point where the audience will believe that I am that person. I want to act.

Importantly too, I want to act with purpose. I want to add value to the industry by representing the minority Middle Eastern acting actor population in a positive light.

I know the industry is competitive, but what is guiding me is my genuine drive and passion. I am persistent and won’t back down until I reach my goal. I will perfect my skill until I am satisfied. I will give the production team my 100%.

I am open to background, day or supporting roles within TV series, movies and music videos.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Judy Daghestani

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