A Bit About Me

Having lived in many different countries , including Scotland, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and now the UAE and in addition to substantial travel globally, I consider myself to have significant experience working and living in a multitude of different cultures.

Work-wise, I have past experience of extras work, including the 2019 blockbuster movie ‘6 Underground’, and a featured extra role in the Renny Harlin directed film ‘Misfits’.

Previous to moving to the UAE I worked for an British airline as senior cabin crew. On top of my day to day duties of passenger management and safety, I also took part in promotional work for the company, such as hosting events, exhibitions and ‘new route’ advertising in either oral presentation or photo form.

I consider myself a confident person and speak with a clear and concise voice/English/Scottish accent, easily understood and able to communicate with many people on different levels. I enjoy keeping fit and work out / run regularly and constantly strive to improve my fitness further. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and learning new skills, and I’m fascinated by the movie industry and in the past have hugely enjoyed my time ‘on set’!

My main interest would be work where I can further improve my acting ability and potentially progress to speaking parts within the productions, and to continue with event hosting as well as any other new opportunities along similar lines.

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  • 6 Underground
  • Extra
  • Skydance Media/ Bay Films
  • 2018 (Dec)
  • Misfits
  • Extra (Featured)
  • The Royal Film Library
  • 2019