A Bit About Me

She studied drama and theatre up until A-level at Jumeirah College here in Dubai. She did very well in her final performance and then continued to do short courses at Lamda in London to learn acting in more depth. She also did one on one sessions with Miranda Davidson which were really helpful in taking her skills to a higher level. Now she continues to educate herself more on acting with books. Acting is truly her biggest passion. She thinks it’s because of her deep interest in human psychology. The idea of morphing into someone else and being able to reach new levels of empathy thrills her. She also loves the idea of having someone watch her and being able to move them and maybe make them think of things differently. In terms of work, she has only really had experience in amateur theatre here in Dubai, which is why she is now looking to gain some professional acting experience. She supposes she is just looking to play interesting characters in a more professional setting that she has experienced so far. Whether that’s in film, tv, short films, student films or theatre doesn’t really matter. She is looking for experience mainly and to widen her acting portfolio.

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