A Bit About Me

For me Even SMALL details have to be Great
Details is our all

Who is Vladis Mar?

Vladis Mar is an Actor, Filmmaker, the super fun guy to work with and anybody else u can imagine because as he told at the beginning he is an Actor

Im OWN Style
Maker, FilmDirector and Camera Scientist
Favorite Cameras ARRI Alexa/Amira(we are in Arab country so its ok to have to wives), but now I’m starting cheating on her with some Panaflex Cameras, but don’t tell to RED, she will kill me…
Amira, ah Amira… still… her 200 FPS for whole Censor and 14 stops… playground… agh… Sweet

I look Insanely cinematic on the screen!

“I know How any camera works and built from inside”

Vladis Mar is Very Social Media guy
Fearless! Whatever it takes to get the perfect shoot, MegaFast Learner( I mean totally from the first try)
Fashion Icon Dubai

Some Pro Hobbies:
Walking and jumping On The ROPE between buildings/and any structures.
All possible Sports guy
TV/Youtube Presenter.
5 years of Own Show with millions of views and subscribers
Fashion Designer
Fashion Designer in Dubai
Pro Table tennis Player
Football MixStyler
Advertising master
Have 5 million subscribers on my projects.
Professional Extreme rollerblader. Europe top 5.
Rollerblading with sick elements. Roller Slalomist with own style and own element in elements book

Enough of talk lets get to the set

MixFame Acc – https://mixfame.com/talent/VladisMar


KindA cool Regards,
Vladis Mar

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  • RM on one of National Chanells
  • Main Role
  • Strawberry Ad
  • 2014-2019