A Bit About Me

Vlasy Zubov has been working since 2012, he was completely carried away by the profession of an actor and stopped working as a coach. Since 2016, by coincidence, he moved to Thailand and spent three winters there, working as an Actor with different Thai production, as well as Bollywood, Hollywood and Netflix. Starring in TV shows and feature films. He is a big lover of sports, boxing (Prof), and hand-to-hand combat (Amateur). He also served in the military: VV. Ministry of Internal Affairs Special Forces. Rank: Senior Sergeant. His skills include, Archery Crossbow (Amateur). Airguns, Firearms: Pistols – Makarov, TT Assault rifles – Grenade launchers-AK-74, AKSU, AKM, AGS, SVD. Grenades – RGO, F1.

FILMOGRAPHY that he’s participated in includes

Art films

2019 H.F. BOMB. Director (Igor Kopylov). Role – Pavlov.
2017 H.F. MOHINI. Director (Ramana Madesh). Role – Doctor. (Indian movie)
2017 H.F. PROJ. Director (RAJ & D.K). Role – Officer. (India movie).

TV serials

2019 T.S. Twin. Director (Sergey Popov). Role – Technician.
2018 T.S. Two banks. Director (Subbotina Olga). Role – Scout 2.
2018 T.S. Eyes to eyes. Director (Dmitry Panteleev). The role is Eugene.
2018 T.S. The duet is rightly so. Director (Mikhail Zhuravkin). Role – Skvortsov.
2018 T.S. Grandchildren of the king. Director (Puntavanob Tavakoon). Role – Soldier. (Thai Movie)
2018 T.S. The bad girl. Director (Khun Tawan Jarujinda). Role – Bartender. (Thai TV).
2017 T.S. Witnesses. Director (Kazakov Boris). Role – Roman.
2017 T.S. These are our children. Director (Olga Muzaleva). The role of Yuri Yakovlevich.
2016 T.S. Lawyer. Director (Repetskiy Sergey). Role – Investigator.
2016 T.S. Moor. Director (Mikryukova Natalia). Role – Waiter.
2016 T.S. Last cop 2. Director (Polyakov Mikhail). Role – Sanitary.
2016 T.S. Money. Director (Shcheglov Ivan). Role – Collector.
2016 T.S. A policeman from the ruble 2. Director (Ilya Kulikov). Role – Kid.
2015 T.S. Vlasik. Director (Alexey Muradov). Role – Guard of Stalin.
2015 T.S. How I became Russian. Director (Konstantin Statskii?). Role – Boxer.
2015 T.S. Youth 3. Director (Sergey Arlanov). Role – Second coach.
2014 T.S. Sword 2. Director (Alexey Lukanev). Role – Precinct.
2014 T.S. Girls will understand. Director (Vladimir Nagorny). Role – Date Guy.
2013 T.S. Prosecutorial check. Director (Igor Romashchenko). Role – Precinct.
2011 T.S. Right to Truth. Director (Nikolai Baryshnikov). Role – PPP Officer

2017 D.F. Legend of the State Security. Director (Gureshidze Alexander). Role – Scout Kuznetsov.
2016 D.F. Aganin. Director (Kitaytsev Aleksey). Role – German soldier.
2016 DF Hack the Manhattan Project. Director (Igor Kholodkov). Role Anatoly Yatskov Nuclear Scout.

Sound and dubbing
2019: TV program, character dubbing – Alcohol Pit.

2016: Advertising Energomera – Electric.
2017: Wacked Disney Cartoon Pilot – Whale.
2016: Lawyer – Investigator Director: Sergey Repetskiy.

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  • R. Madhesh India
  • doctor
  • Mohini
  • 2017
  • (RAJ & D.K India
  • army officer
  • PROJ
  • 2017
  • Khun Tawan Jarujinda Thai movie
  • Bartender
  • The bad girl
  • 2018
  • Sergey Popov Russia
  • Technician
  • Twin
  • 2019
  • Subbotina Olga Russia
  • Scout
  • Two banks
  • 2019
  • Dmitry Panteleev Russia
  • Evgeny
  • Eyes to eyes
  • 2018
  • Mikhail Zhuravkin Russia
  • Skvortsov
  • The duet is rightly so
  • 2018
  • Repetskiy Sergey Russia
  • Investigator
  • Lawyer
  • 2016