A Bit About Me

I am Wael Kamal from Alexandria, Egypt.
I have deep numerous talents starting from Playing piano (professional and locally famous as a Pianist in Alexandria) and many other instruments such as Guitar, Aud, Drums …etc. I also sing in English and approved as a member in the Egyptian Music Association. I’m also talented in Acting although I wasn’t introduced or practiced this professionally. Iam into fishing offshore in deep sea for big fish and very will known to fishing society in Egypt.
I’ve lived and worked in many places with different nationalities such as Bremen, Germany, Sharm Elshaikh, Luxor, Hurghada. Iam well experienced and cultured about the different behavior and culture of European, Asian, American and middle eastern nationalities.
I like to watch and analyze movies from all perspectives through all my life.
Well committed, Accurate, sensitive, creative and I have a unique shining attractive charisma.
There’s no room here to show what I’ve got. But I wrote some hints about my capabilities.

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